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OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS   South Coastal Mass Intergroup    P.O. BOX 421 Abington, MA 02351   781-925-1903

 Overeaters Anonymous
South Coastal Mass Intergroup
Contact us by email at South Coastal Mass Intergroup
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We will reply within 24 hours.

Messages are private and honor anonymity.
Contact - Mary W- ​ Chairperson
Telephone; answered by a member. 
(781) 925-1903

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South Coastal Mass Intergroup OA  IG # 09556
P O Box 421
Abington, MA 02351



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SCMI Board 2017-2018​​
Chair-Mary W.
Vice Chair-Kathy B.
Recording Secretary-Laureen W.
Corresponding Secretary-Rita A.
Treasurer-Lee R.
Region 6 Delegate- Laureen W. and Joan T.
WSBC Delegate Lee R.
Region 6 Trustee-Karen K.
Webmaster-Marilyn S. 

OA Meeting Secretary Responsibilities

                                      Secretaries Maintain the Connection

The group secretary is a link in a chain that disseminates important information in two ways: from the World Service Office (WSO) to group members and from the group to the WSO.

Sending current group information or changes to the WSO is a job that usually falls onto the broad shoulders of the group secretary. The secretary also has the responsibility to distribute information from the WSO and service body, such as newsletters, surveys, and other mail, to members of the group.

Has this two-way flow of information been running smoothly in your group? If not, the place to start is to make sure your meeting is registered correctly with the WSO. These are some important points to remember when registering or making changes:

  Use the Group Registration/Change form to make any changes to your group information. You can make changes on the OA Web site using the online form or you can download the PDF available on the “Meetings” page and mail in your changes. Under the “Meetings” tab select Edit a Meeting. If you do not have access to the Internet, the WSO will be happy to mail or fax you a copy of the form.

  When submitting the printed Group Registration/Change form, write legibly and clearly. If we can’t read your writing, we can’t pass on accurate information to newcomers!

  When your group chooses to affiliate with an intergroup or service board, include the intergroup’s/ service board’s number or at least the correct name of the intergroup/service board.

  With ANY change it is important to give complete information. The critical areas to complete are the group number, city, state, country and meeting time. Make sure all information is accurate, and check that apartment numbers are included, as these are often overlooked.

  Use your group number on all correspondence to the WSO. Once a group is registered, its group number will remain the same, regardless of changes to the meeting information.

  Update the WSO with meeting detail changes as soon as you can, no matter how small the change. It is the group’s responsibility to do this. Some groups assume the intergroup/ service board will pass changes on to the WSO, and this is not always the case.
The correct address of the current secretary ensures that the proper person receives mailings from the WSO. The group secretary can then work with other members to make sure the information reaches everyone. For instance, the secretary can make sure someone downloads the WSO newsletter, A Step Ahead, from the OA Web site and makes it available to members in the meeting. A group may also receive mailings from the intergroup/service board with information that needs to be distributed. Each OA group should be sure the secretary receives adequate help and materials to do his or her job. The smooth flow of information between the WSO and the group depends on the secretary.

Other tasks of group secretaries are outlined in the OA Handbook for Members, Groups and Service Bodies (available from the WSO, #120, $2.25). The secretary’s tasks may include presiding at group conscience and/or steering committee meetings or seeing that the meeting place is ready each week.

If you have any questions about registering or recording changes for your group, please call, write or send an email to the WSO’s group registration coordinator. We are interested in hearing your ideas on how we might improve the group registration process, and on group registrations in general.